"A real healer is someone who helps a person to embrace their power, to believe that they can overcome any challenge, and heal." - Sarit

For the past decade, I have worked as a healer and coach, helping people heal and transform their lives. I absolutely love what I do, and there is nothing more fulfilling than being a witness to change and people rediscovering the beauty of life. 

After years of requests for me to share my knowledge online, I now proudly introduce my two new courses:

  • Crystal Analysis & Healing Course
  • Personal Development & Healing Mini-Courses

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"Loved the course. Sarit has information about stones that you can't find anywhere else. Revolutionary. Recommend it to everyone even if you don't want to work in this field. Information for better living".


"Sarit's course really opened me up to seeing how much personal healing potential we can all tap into. Highly recommend for anyone looking to uncover their own healing abilities and/or looking to help themselves".


"I loved Sarit's course so much I didn't want it to end. Sarit has a depth of wisdom about stones, and life, that is unparalleled! I can't wait to sign up for her next series of courses."

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